A Killer’s Game: Isabella Maldonado

A Killer’s Game: Isabella Maldonado

For Hispanic Heritage Month I decided to read Isabella Maldonado. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into nor did I read the synopsis. I just knew I wanted to support and clicked the first book that caught my attention. Now that I’ve read it, I’m definitely going to be reading and buying more of her book.


Now the synopsis is: 

An FBI agent with a background in cryptography. A brilliant game maker bent on revenge. A deadly battle of wits and wills. An ingenious thriller from the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Cipher.

FBI agent and former military codebreaker Daniela “Dani” Vega witnesses a murder on a Manhattan sidewalk. The victim is chief of staff for a powerful New York senator. The assassin turned informant is Gustavo Toro. His code: hit the target and don’t ask questions. When Dani suspects a complex conspiracy, the only way to take down the mastermind is from the inside, forcing her to partner with Toro. Together they must infiltrate the inner circle at a remote facility.

Except it’s a trap. For all of them.

Locked in a subterranean labyrinth and held captive by an unseen host, Dani, Toro, and others must fight for their lives. Now Dani must stay undercover, unravel a bizarre conspiracy, and survive lethal puzzles. But will Toro be friend or foe? Because in this killer’s game, everything is real: the paranoia, the desperation, and the body count. And only one person can make it out alive.


Now I didn’t realize how much I would be into this story, but when I started reading Lisa Gardner I just knew I found my favorite true crime in novel form. Definitely reminds me of Criminal Minds and CSI: Miami from the detective view. This story though I have yet to see a show pull off this type of stunt while being undercover.


The title really is what this story is about. A Killer’s Game and when the story unravels you automatically start to root for who you want to win and just want more action and time with the characters. Yet this was a book and event that was kind of lapse on time and had to keep moving or be left for dead. Agent Vega was the truth. Her military skills and her military career really helped her moved forward and be quick on her feet. When you learn of her past you understand why she went so hard in the military and why she go so hard as a FBI agent. This was a good book and I really be trying to spare the details because I don’t be wanting no spoilers.


This book helped me realize how spending time with your family and teaching them certain things can really help in the long run. At what point do we stop shielding our family from the truth? I get it to protect the family right?

Yet if people really wanted to get to their family, they really could because of social media. So what would the protection be from?


I couldn't imagine going undercover on a mission that have everybody playing to the death. How can you be undercover and still have to follow your jobs protocols?

Thats like saying let others do harm to me while y'all figure out if l'm following or breaking any rules before I can defend myself.


Would've through the middle finger up and took my expertise to somebody that appreciated it.



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