Find Her Review

Find Her Review

Have you read this book?

Fifty seven days… it took me fifty seven days to finally finish this book. It’s not because it’s a slow cooker or I wasn’t interested. It’s just that it wasn’t available via Kindle. It’s hard reading a physical book with two kids and one that likes to take a pen to everything. Aside from all that I’ve finally finished.

So this book is like a Detective D.D Series and I’m all out of wack and later on in the series. So starting off you got this woman who just went out on a night in the city. Nothing harmful just out drinking when the night was over the guy she was with tried to rough her up. Well the bartender came and hit him and he snatched Flora up taking her away like he was saving the day but he was going after his target.

 You start to see a girl talk about getting kidnapped and you think that maybe this is someone new that got kidnapped. Well turns out Flora is a survivor of being kidnapped. She was kidnapped for 472 days and he recounts certain events certain moments with her captor.

Another girl did get snatched up and Flora was basically playing a vigilante because she was trying to find the most recent kidnapped girl Stacey Summers. She ended up killing the new guy name Devon that kidnapped her with antifreeze and potassium permanganate and it set his skin on fire and he burned to death.

Flora was the real deal but she had got caught slipping and ended up getting kidnapped again just a day after killing Devon. As you read this story you begin to think that maybe it’s the first guy that tried to snatch her up and get revenge. You become frustrated because not once did they look into him right?

Sergeant Detective D.D Warren didn’t trust Flora. She thought she had some vigilante thing going on about her. They found two ids at the guy house and realized that there were two other women that was possibly missing. Get this one girl said she was going away to Italy. The other disappeared from her job. The mothers of these victims haven’t even heard from their daughters and assumed they were okay because women don't usually get along with their mothers in some cases. They left home on bad terms and neither side decided it was important to check on one another.

So Detective D.D wanted to keep digging keep trying to figure out what the connection was between Flora, Stacey and Devon. They could't ask Devon anything he was dead and guess what now Flora is missing as well. They knew the training Flora had so her getting kidnapped again didn't make sense and with little to no disturbance in her apartment to even symbolize that there has even been a kidnapping. It looked more like she had just walked away.

She keeps going into her time being kidnapped, living in a pine-box, then living on the road with him because  he was a trucker. She talks about finally being found and only telling her story once so that she doesn't have to relive everything again. She becomes fully aware that she is reliving her moment of being captured because now she has been captured again and now her survival instinct that she had prior to has to be kicked in again.


This whole time I'm like why haven't they looked into the other guy that was practically trying to get her to himself before Devon came in and supposedly saved the day. But I had to let them do their job and he didn't necessarily give a threat off. I couldn't think of who it could be because the guy they thought it was checked out. Yet how can the security camera still not catch who snatched her in the middle of the night? It was so many question like man, how is there no evidence of her on no footage.


With her being captured she realized there was a pine box and would hear someone breathing. Only for it to be a recording of her breathing, She tore the pine box up and went to sleep only to wake up and find the pine box again like it was new except with food in it. This time she thought about how she can be innovative and decided to make her a weapon. She was ready to defend herself she was in pitch black and couldn't see anything so the moment someone came through her door she was going to spring in action and attack. Which she did but it was the wrong person. It ended up being a woman, another kidnapped woman.


I'm not going to spoil it all but I do suggest checking it out. The story builds up and I like the whole crime thriller story line. It reminded me of Criminal Minds in a way.

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