About Us

Welcome to our unique world where the aromatic blend of tea and the captivating realm of books come together. We are more than a business – we are a haven for tea enthusiasts and book lovers alike. Our mission is to enrich your moments with the perfect harmony of flavors and words. Through meticulously curated selections of premium teas and thoughtfully chosen books, we aim to create an oasis of tranquility and inspiration in your everyday life. Join us in savoring the pleasures of literature and the comforts of tea, as we help you find solace, knowledge, and delightful experiences in every sip and page.

With all the formality out of the way I am Kisha and I started Enthused Tea and Book to encourage reading and drinking your favorite beverage. I introduce you to books that aren't mainstream and can open up endless conversations. I also hope to help authors get more exposed and hope that my platform can be of assistance to those that are new to the author world.

A little bit about me is that I've always been passionate about writing and reading. I enjoy helping my readers achieve their reading goals and eventually writing their own books.

I wrote and published my first book in 2009 another in 2011. I didn't publish my next book until 8 years later. I lost my voice I lost my motivation my sanctuary for 8 years. I now understand me better when I go so long without writing. It had also been so long since I've read a book.

I've been featured on the Melanated Power Hour Podcast talking about historical figures and posting the books the podcast recommended.

On my website you'll find lots of information on tea, book recommendations, book reviews, and more.

If you want more book recommendations and different teas to try, opt in and join my tea and book newsletter. Also connect with me on social media to see my bookstagram. Adios!