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Crown Your Queen Part One

Crown Your Queen Part One

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Kaydence couldn’t wait to get home to her family being in jail for the last four in a half years. Since being in jail and not hearing any bad endeavors happening in the streets. She believes everything is going to be good. Until of course she crossed the jail line that marks her as free and she’s staring the enemy in the eyes. Her husband Jeremiah after not hearing from him for years is there to pick her up. Seeing him brought on different types of emotions that has her all over the place. With him, in the way, he’s clouding her judgment of what she wants to do and what needs to be done. She now senses death and walks around looking over her shoulder. Her throne and authority are now being questioned because of who is going up against her. She has to make a decision on whether to base it off emotions or off respect. Will she be able to make decisions that not only benefit her but her crew as well? Will everything she stood for before jail remain the same now that she is out? Will the enemy be successful at dethroning the Queen?

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